Girl Scout Cookies [1g]


Savor the invigorating experience of the Girl Scout Cookies 510 vape cartridge, skillfully crafted by TenDollarCarts.

  • Produced exclusively using Cannabis and Terpenes.
  • Rigorously lab-tested, devoid of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.
  • Impressive THC potency – boasting 90-95% THC content.
  • Infused with 7% Terpenes for an unforgettable flavor profile.

Dive into the world of the celebrated Girl Scout Cookies strain, an expertly balanced hybrid. Taste the delightful sweetness intertwining with rustic earthiness while the potent, uplifting high warms your senses, fostering relaxation and calmness. Opt for a liberating journey with Girl Scout Cookies and experience its multifaceted indulgences firsthand.

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Discover the magic of mind and body upliftment with the exceptional Girl Scout Cookies 510 vape cartridge, heartily presented by TenDollarCarts. This product encompasses the invaluable properties of the adored Girl Scout Cookies strain, offering a hybrid sensation followed by an engaging, comforting high.

Our cartridge is a distinct expression of the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Immerse yourself in its enticing blend of sweet and earthy flavors, mirroring serene woodland retreats. Its fragrance harmoniously complements the flavor profile, striking the ideal balance between sweetness and earthiness, enhancing your overall sensory enjoyment.

Prioritizing your wellness and satisfaction, our Girl Scout Cookies 510 vape cartridge features an unadulterated blend of Cannabis Oil and Organic Terpenes. To bolster your confidence in our products, thorough lab-testing confirms all our offerings are free from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.

The high THC concentration of 90-95% assures a potent, euphoric, and elating high that lasts, bridging the best of sativa and indica. Let the Girl Scout Cookies take you on a journey of joyous mental serenity and profound physical relaxation that sets it apart among hybrid strains.

Infused with 7% Terpenes, our cartridge enhances the cannabis experience, through enriching the flavor palette and intensifying the therapeutic effects of cannabis. With each puff, drift into pure tranquility as flavors come to life.

The Girl Scout Cookies vape cartridge propels beyond just a fleeting high; it transcends into an all-encompassing experience of mind and body. Revel in the delicious blend of sweet and earthy flavors as your senses soar high with the euphoria characteristic of Girl Scout Cookies. It’s not just about the destination, but the journey itself. Opt for the Girl Scout Cookies vape cartridge by TenDollarCarts for an immersive, rewarding experience – one blissful puff at a time.

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Weight12 g
Dimensions0.45 × 0.45 × 2.74 in

16 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies [1g]

  1. Avatar


    those girl scout cookie carts hit

  2. Avatar


    Definitely packs a punch

  3. Avatar


    Tasty sweet flavour i really enjoy this one

  4. Avatar

    Jen Klugh


  5. Avatar

    Annette Denis

    Thrilled with these strain-specific cartridges!! GSC is always a fave for this woman with physical disabilities!! Relaxes the muscles and helps me chill at the end of the day. ????????

  6. Avatar

    [email protected]

    Good quality. Seriously the best I’ve tried the price is unbeatable !

  7. Avatar


    so trustworthy!!! I recommend buying here 100% it hits so goood!!!!

  8. Avatar

    camryn braun

    this is genuinely the best tasting cart ive ever tried, cant wait to try more!

  9. Avatar

    Rhett Bradshaw

    Wasn’t even on earth

  10. Avatar


    Ts gas fr

  11. Avatar


    goated strain

  12. Avatar


    Love these carts so much. Great punch and good flavour to the GSC. It’s a nice break from the fruit flavours.

  13. Avatar

    Alastar Morris

    Amazing, almost cinnamon or ginger snap taste. Recommend!

  14. Avatar


    Good quality great taste sweet but piney cant really explain it definitely will order this again the effects hit fast very good carts for the price

  15. Avatar


    Not a fan of the cookies strain so I got this one for my wife. I ended up taking it…lol.
    Very good taste and great hit every time.
    A must try.

  16. Avatar

    hayley stockton

    Was such a good flavour I love this one !

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