Grape Punch [2g]


Immerse your senses in the 2G Disposable Vape Pen in Grape Punch, a tantalizing creation by TenDollarCarts.

  • Expertly crafted with Cannabis & Terpenes for an authentic burst of grape flavor.
  • Rigorously tested in the lab to ensure unmatched purity and safety.
  • Boasts a potent high with a THC content of 90-95%.
  • Infused with 7% Terpenes for a delightful grape-infused experience.

Delight in the sweet and bold taste of grapes with this portable, flavor-packed vaping experience. Enjoy the perfect balance of enticing flavors and a powerful THC-induced high. Discover vaping perfection with the Grape Punch 2G Disposable Vape Pen.

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Embark on a journey of grape-infused bliss with the 2G Disposable Vape Pen in Grape Punch by TenDollarCarts. Meticulously crafted with Cannabis & Terpenes, this pen delivers an authentic burst of grape flavor and a potent high, boasting a THC content of 90-95%. Rigorously lab-tested for purity and safety, it’s free from solvents, heavy metals, or pesticides.

The Grape Punch strain, celebrated for its sweet and bold notes, unfolds in every inhale. Infused with 7% Terpenes, this disposable pen captures the essence of juicy grapes, creating a harmonious balance of enticing flavors and exhilarating THC. Convenient and portable, it requires no chargers or refills, ready for immediate use. After savoring every delightful puff, responsibly dispose of the pen, having experienced the epitome of vaping satisfaction.

Unleash the sweet and bold allure of grapes, savor the purity, and delight in the flawless quality of the 2G Disposable Vape Pen in Grape Punch by TenDollarCarts. Elevate your cannabis experience to new heights with the perfect blend of convenience, purity, and satisfaction. Immerse yourself in the world of Grape Punch and relish every moment of this exceptional vaping journey.

Additional information

Weight20 g
Dimensions2.50 × 0.87 × 0.50 in

2 reviews for Grape Punch [2g]

  1. Avatar

    Tina Davies

    This is the perfect size and gives the best hits. 100% worth the extra 5 for the convenience. Rechargeable so you can use it till the end. Typical ten dollar quality. Top notch with a great price. Thanks guys!

  2. Avatar

    ronald allain

    Good quality and great taste!

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