Lemon Lime [1g]


Invigorate your senses with TenDollarCarts’ Lemon Lime 510 vape cartridge.

  • Packed only with Cannabis & Terpenes
  • Free from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides – Lab Tested
  • High THC potency (90-95% THC)
  • 7% Terpenes offering a citrusy delight

Offering a potent dose of THC (90-95%) and a 7% Terpenes profile, this cartridge promises a natural, flavorful, and clean vaping experience, free from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.

(15 customer reviews)
Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime [1g] $10.00
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Energize your vaping routine with TenDollarCarts’ Lemon Lime 510 vape cartridge. Inspired by the invigorating Lemon Lime Kush strain – an exciting hybrid of O.G Kush and Lemon Joy – this cartridge catapults you into a world of zesty citrus bliss.

Each draw from our Lemon Lime cartridge – rich in THC content (90-95%) – offers a heady euphoria swiftly followed by a relaxing calm. Teamed with a 7% Terpenes profile, your senses are treated to a spicy, lemon-infused flavor escapade.

Lemon Lime Kush is an instant mood-elevator, fanning away anxiety and restlessness while also aiding loss of appetite. It’s not merely a strain; it’s your ticket to jolly tranquility.

Setting TenDollarCarts’ Lemon Lime 510 cartridges apart is our unwavering commitment to purity and quality. We infuse only Cannabis & Terpenes in our cartridges, prioritizing a natural vaping experience. Thoroughly lab-tested and free from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides, our cartridges guarantee a pure and safe vaping indulgence till the last puff.

Dive into the uplifting and calming attributes of our Lemon Lime 510 vape cartridge – a testament of our devotion to quality, purity, and customer delight. Treat your senses to the zesty comfort of TenDollarCarts.

Additional information

Weight12 g
Dimensions0.45 × 0.45 × 2.74 in

15 reviews for Lemon Lime [1g]

  1. Avatar


    I bought a few of these pineapples and lemon awhile back cause I like switching it up. They really last nicely. I’ve been puffin for a few weeks and still have some left in both. Cheap and good quality oil for sure

  2. Avatar

    Shelley Jackson

    I absolutely love Lemon Lime. It has such a nice clean taste and hits really smooth

  3. Avatar

    Kimberly Nyberg

    I was really happy how fast I got this. I’m even happier with how it hits. It’s a really nice cartridge with a good subtle lemon cannabis flavor and nothing else.

  4. Avatar

    Lucas Choc

    ’ve never seen cbd oil look clear like this. It’s pretty cool. I really like how lemon lime hits and tastes. Very clean. And the customer service is very friendly.

  5. Avatar

    Rob Puff

    Prompt shipping. Excellent customer service. This lemon hits really nicely and has a wonderful, relaxing effect. Would definitely buy again.

  6. Avatar

    Brandon Dolomount

    I’m very happy with the way Lemon lime hits. It has a nice clean flavor without any foreign taste like others I’ve had. I’ll definitely be getting more of these

  7. Avatar


    Good smooth hits and a good price too. I must say, this Lemon Lime is solid!

  8. Avatar


    loving the buzz, gonna purchase again for sure

  9. Avatar


    lemon lime- these carts are smooth n tasty

  10. Avatar


    Good quality. Great flavour and high i highly recommend

  11. Avatar

    Annette Denis

    Thrilled with these strain-specific cartridges!! 
    Lemon Lime is a great Sativa 60/40 with enough calming effect not to be head-in-the-clouds, nor heavy enough to be couch-locked all day. A perfect hybrid!! ????????

  12. Avatar

    Kelli Morris

    I absolutely love this one . The high is incredible !

  13. Avatar


    This is my favourite flavor. Love the taste and absolutely blasted to outer space as well. Can’t believe how good these are for the price. Incredible.

  14. Avatar


    Good quality. Awesome, very fast shipping, will be ordering from here again. Thanks

  15. Avatar


    Good quality. Taste like a true lemon and like flavour very tasty effects last long very good cart great price and all!

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