Punch Grape [1g]


Introducing our Punch Grape 510 vape cartridge; a cocktail of euphoria in every puff.

  • Crafted solely with Cannabis & Terpenes
  • Lab Tested, free from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides
  • Rich in High THC Content
  • Enriched with 7% Vibrant Terpenes for a Burst of Berry Flavor

Dive into the heart of happiness with our Punch Grape vape cartridge. This Indica dominant hybrid inherited from Grape Slushie and Purple Punch strains, brings you an immersive body high paired with an uplifting social buzz.

(15 customer reviews)
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Welcome to an uplifting journey with our Punch Grape 510 vape cartridge. Deeply rooted in the renowned Grape Slushie and Purple Punch strains, Punch Grape serves an appetizing offering of earthy, spicy berries. This sensational blend could be your path to a tantalizing vaping voyage filled with joyous chatter.

Punch Grape enthralls your senses with its aroma – a combination of earthy and spicy berries, wrapped up in an herbal earthy effect. The Punch Grape strain is more than just a delightful scent; it’s a whole experience. As soon as you commence your journey with our Punch Grape vape cartridge, it hits you with all its blissful impact. The sense of joy is as if your mind is lifted straight into pure happiness and chatter, leaving you with an undeniably sociable mood. As your mind diverges into this euphoric state, a tranquil body high locks your physical form to the enchanting word of tranquility.

At TenDollarCarts, your safety is our priority. Our Punch Grape vape cartridge is poised with high THC content, enhanced with 7% of rich, therapeutic Terpenes that amplify the overall flavourful and sensorial trip. This blend is free from solvents, heavy metals, or pesticides, ensuring a refined and secure vaping journey, lab-tested for your pure peace of mind.

Indulge in the calming and blissful realm of our Punch Grape 510 vape cartridge. The unique flavours, sociability and euphoric body high invite you to celebrate life and its tranquillity in a safe, fulfilling fashion.

Additional information

Weight12 g
Dimensions0.45 × 0.45 × 2.74 in

15 reviews for Punch Grape [1g]

  1. Avatar

    Dwight Szmul

    Really hard hitting had me lit for hours! Punch Grape is deliciously solid.

  2. Avatar

    Niko Robin

    One of the best Grape carts I’ve tried in the game. Thank you Tendollarcarts.

  3. Avatar


    Just smoked a tick and i’ m high asf! punch grape taste awesome too!

  4. Avatar

    Math lagachette

    Great looking product, nice smooth grape taste. Definitely picking up more vape carts, love the $10 price.

  5. Avatar

    Damon Turner

    Great flavor! Very smooth clean vape. Potency hits like flower which is rare paired with its cheap price. I’ m Extremely impressed. Ten$cart is my new best friend.

  6. Avatar

    jacques f

    This Punch Grape flavor is the second I have tried from Tendollarcarts and it did not disappointed me. Very tasty, yet potent. Three pulls and I’m toasty. Worth it for sure!

  7. Avatar

    Steve K

    Yo! So I’ve tried just about every brand of cartridge there is out here in Canada and This cartridge is the absolute best! The air flow is miles ahead of anything else that’s out and it burns for a super smooth, clean hit and taste really great! Tendollarcarts is the real deal.

  8. Avatar


    Worthy of all praise. Top-tier carts! Especially the Punch Grape, an absolute killer!

  9. Avatar

    Jerry Mckimmie

    Great quality! Tastes like Grape! Will definitely order again!

  10. Avatar


    Good quality. What a nice flavour and the hit lasts -a nice smooth transition of transporting you and your thoughts to crazy lengths -will %110 order again

  11. Avatar


    I was worried all the good reviews were fake but no – these are really that good! Grape tastes amazing, same with blue skittles and dragonfruit. Great buzz as well. Will definitely be purchasing more – even with the 20$ shipping you are getting a crazy good deal with 10$ a cart. Excited I found this website!

  12. Avatar

    ur mom

    Good quality.

  13. Avatar

    Terry Fisher

    All of the above comments.

  14. Avatar


    Incredible cartridge. Flavor is on point and hits hard as heck. Amazing job on this guys.

  15. Avatar


    Good quality. Great tasting cart taste like how you would expect it to taste will definitely order this again effects hit fast and last long!

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