Alaskan Thunderfuck [1g]


Experience the invigorating rush with the Alaskan Thunder Fuck 510 vape cartridge, expertly developed by TenDollarCarts.

  • Exquisitely crafted, featuring only Cannabis & Terpenes.
  • Reliable lab-tested measures ensure freedom from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.
  • Loaded with impressive THC – comprises 90-95% THC content.
  • Infused with 7% Terpenes for an enriching flavor experience.

Experience the dynamic realm of the sativa-leaning Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain. Relish the robust fusion of banana and orange flavors with a memorable spicy undertone. Enjoy the swift and uplifting high, sparking conversation and innovation. For an approach towards pain alleviation, mood enhancement, and stress relief, choose the Alaskan Thunder Fuck vape cartridge.

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Alaskan Thunderfuck
Alaskan Thunderfuck [1g] $10.00
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Embark on a thrilling expedition with the Alaskan Thunder Fuck 510 vape cartridge, meticulously crafted by TenDollarCarts. Encapsulating the distinct properties of the esteemed “ATF” – a sativa-dominant strain, this vape cartridge guarantees a stirring, enduring experience dominated by an uplifting cerebral high.

Our cartridge unravels the intricate nuances of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain. Savor the potent blend of banana and orange flavors, delivering a burst of spice in every puff. The prevailing diesel-like aroma, reminiscent of skunk and catpiss, paints a vivid backdrop to your vaping session, adding depth to your sensory indulgence.

Adhering to optimal health and purity standards, our Alaskan Thunder Fuck 510 vape cartridge incorporates strictly Cannabis Oil and Organic Terpenes. We stand by the clean, conscientious crafting process with rigorous lab testing procedures validating the absence of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Packed with an impressive THC content of 90-95%, our vape cartridge ensures an intense, invigorating cerebral high. This enlightening experience channels creativity and conversation, living up to the classic Alaskan Thunder Fuck traits.

Further enriched with 7% Terpenes, our cartridge enhances the exotic flavor profile while elevating the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Each pull will guide you through an extraordinary flavor odyssey, leading you into pure calm.

An Alaskan Thunder Fuck vape cartridge promises more than a temporary high, it delivers a full-spectrum reviving experience. Dive into the bold flavor fusion, ignite conversation, and explore the therapeutic potential — all packed into one cartridge. Choose the Alaskan Thunder Fuck vape cartridge for a thrilling voyage, one blissful puff at a time.

Additional information

Weight12 g
Dimensions0.45 × 0.45 × 2.74 in

15 reviews for Alaskan Thunderfuck [1g]

  1. Avatar

    Mathieu Belliveau

    Good quality. Taste good and I’m not a big distilled oil guy I usually like lice n hash n this does the trick and cost less my roommate showed me about these guys

  2. Avatar

    Hanna Garrett

    Great quality, awesome price, gets the job done and customer service is top tier. This vape is more bud flavoured for sure, but smooth and doesn’t make you hack a lung. Will buy again.

  3. Avatar


    Earthy taste and hits great.

  4. Avatar


    Good quality. I really like the buzz of that strains so far 10/10 !

  5. Avatar


    Shi hits crazy best carts u can get
    Delta 9 Thc gas

  6. Avatar


    Took a chance. Scored big time. Great taste and high.

  7. Avatar


    Good quality carts got to try this one though

  8. Avatar


    Good quality. Very good Costomer service and fast shipping. I like that it doesn’t make you caught. Fantastic price!!!10/10

  9. Avatar


    Didnt get much of a high but probably because i was hitting it on high temp it hits perfectly on medium temp

  10. Avatar

    Lee Oldham

    Awesome loved it!!

  11. Avatar


    This is the type of website I don’t trust but I decided to take a chance and I’m so glad i did. Tastes soo good and hits pretty hard. Definitely recommend.

  12. Avatar


    Good quality on all there carts Was skeptical to take the chance but it came early and I was super impressed with the products

  13. Avatar


    It’s hired into me taste most like a dispensary cart. Off to space.

  14. Avatar


    Got two of these as a test run to see if the site was legit a couple months back. It’s legit, i have a horrific tolerance and i get high. Just sometimes the flavor profile doesn’t match up like these ones, all i got was pine but i got stoned so i didn’t really care >:3

  15. Avatar


    Good quality. Piney but earthy long lasting cart great taste best prices for carts!

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