Dragon Fruit [1g]


Experience the delightful balance of the Dragon Fruit 510 vape cartridge, proficiently crafted by TenDollarCarts.

  • Formulated exclusively with Cannabis and Terpenes.
  • Strictly lab-tested, devoid of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.
  • High THC potency – boasting 90-95% THC content.
  • Enhanced with 7% Terpenes for a rich flavor profile.

Immerse in the captivating world of the balanced hybrid, Dragon Fruit strain. Delight in the compelling blend of dragon fruit and subtle citrus-herbal flavors while the invigorating cerebral high opens a door to energy, euphoria, and infectious laughter. Embrace our Dragon Fruit vape cartridge for an unforgettable sensory adventure.

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Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit [1g] $10.00
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Embark on a fascinating journey with the Dragon Fruit 510 vape cartridge, meticulously curated by TenDollarCarts. This cartridge encapsulates the remarkable properties of the rare Dragon Fruit strain, gifting you an evenly balanced hybrid experience graced with long-lasting effects.

Our cartridge embodies the essence of the Dragon Fruit strain. Savor the unique dragon fruit flavor, enhanced by a touch of citrus-tinged herbs. The fragrance draws you in with its fresh fruity herbs and earthy notes, harmonizing with the flavors and deepening your sensory enjoyment.

Prioritizing your health and satisfaction, our Dragon Fruit 510 vape cartridge is a harmonious blend of Cannabis Oil and Organic Terpenes. We stand firmly behind the purity of our products, ensuring they are free from harmful solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides through rigorous lab-testing.

Loaded with 90-95% THC potency, our cartridge guarantees a potent, exhilarating and lasting cerebral high. This euphoric experience illuminates energy and induces wistful laughter, ensuring you cherish every moment. It also provides a light, calming body effect, keeping you grounded while your mind soars high.

Further endowed with 7% Terpenes, our vape cartridge amplifies the enthralling flavor profile and accentuates the healing effects of cannabis. Let each puff initiate a journey of flavors, guiding you through moments of pure tranquility.

The Dragon Fruit vape cartridge goes beyond the temporary high, presenting an immersive experience that uplifts mind and body. Revel in the mesmerizing dragon fruit aroma, indulge in euphoric laughter, and embrace the energy – all in one cartridge. Choose the Dragon Fruit vape cartridge for a uniquely uplifting voyage, one blissful puff at a time.

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Weight12 g
Dimensions0.45 × 0.45 × 2.74 in

5 reviews for Dragon Fruit [1g]

  1. Avatar


    Dragon fruit hits different

  2. Avatar


    Dragonfruit carts are king

  3. Avatar

    Brendalyn Espiritu

    Wasn’t sure about this but the taste was great! Def one of my favorite sativas that you have

  4. Avatar


    This one doesn’t have a super strong buzz but tastes soo good.

  5. Avatar


    fenty cart

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