Orange Crush [1g]


Refresh your mood with TenDollarCarts’ Orange Crush 510 vape cartridge.

  • Packed purely with Cannabis & Terpenes
  • Free from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides – Lab Tested
  • High THC strength (90-95% THC)
  • 7% Terpenes for a delightful citrusy vaping adventure

With a potent THC blend (90-95%) and a 7% Terpenes profile, this cartridge guarantees a natural and citrus-enriched vaping session, completely free from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.

(15 customer reviews)
Orange Crush
Orange Crush [1g] $10.00
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Brighten up your day with TenDollarCarts’ Orange Crush 510 vape cartridge. Derived from the famous sativa-dominant Orange Crush strain—a lively meld of California Orange and Blueberry—this cartridge offers a mood-elevating vaping escape.

Our Orange Crush cartridge, enriched with high-quality THC content (90-95%), ushers in an upbeat, joyful mental high, making it an ideal ray of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day. A 7% Terpenes profile enhances your experience with a robust citrus aroma and flavor, infusing each draw with the tempting sweetness of fresh oranges.

Orange Crush isn’t just a strain; it’s a therapeutic companion for those grappling with depression, anxiety, pain, and migraines. Revelling in its euphoric high and therapeutic effects, each puff moves you towards positivity and comfort.

TenDollarCarts’ Orange Crush 510 cartridges exemplify our steadfast adherence to purity and quality. Infused solely with Cannabis & Terpenes, our product assures a genuine and pure vaping experience. Thoroughly lab-tested and free from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides, every puff promises a clean and safe vaping encounter.

Soak up the cheerfulness and therapeutic benefits of our Orange Crush 510 vape cartridge—a symbol of our dedication to quality, purity, and customer delight. Embrace an uplifting mood with a zesty twist with TenDollarCarts.

Additional information

Weight12 g
Dimensions0.45 × 0.45 × 2.74 in

15 reviews for Orange Crush [1g]

  1. Avatar


    Quick service and high quality products. I mean What’s not to like?!

  2. Avatar


    This thing is lit AF! Reliable in every sense. On point flavors and quality!

  3. Avatar


    Unstoppable quality in every cart. Can’t get enough!

  4. Avatar


    These carts are vibrant in flavor! Love it!

  5. Avatar

    Nicholas Rampersaud

    Hits like a tank and tastes amazing!!

  6. Avatar


    Good quality and good flavours and good high ! I recommend Ten$Carts !

  7. Avatar

    Kaden Anton

    The absolute best one I’ve tried from this site. Should be named creamsicle because it tastes just like one!

  8. Avatar

    Gabrielle Spremulli

    Great product. I’ll be buying again. I love that the cart is protected with a silicone tips at each end (bottom part that screws into the pen, and the mouthpiece). By the way I will be using the silicone protected to keep dust and debris out of my vape mouthpiece!

  9. Avatar

    Annette Denis

    Thrilled with these strain-specific cartridges!! 
    Orange Crush is perfect for microdosing your way though struggling with MH throughout the day, or for those who who are sativa fans in general. ????????

  10. Avatar


    Great citrus taste.

  11. Avatar


    Got it today it was great. Wish i could try some other flavors but shipping ;-;

  12. Avatar


    Game over when I go to this one. it’s hard like all flavours but citrus is my jam so good!

  13. Avatar

    bianca bouchard

    Good quality. my favorite one!

  14. Avatar


    With each puff, I found myself swept away into a world of euphoria, courtesy of the cartridge’s potent effects. The sheer intensity of the high left me in a state of blissful satisfaction. However, what truly set these cartridges apart was the remarkable flavor profile. The tantalizing fusion of citrusy zest and earthy undertones provided for a sensory delight.

  15. Avatar


    Good quality very tasty taste like a orange creamsicle the effects hit right away 2 hits you will be nice and medicated my go to flavour!

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